Apple Is Getting Rid Of The Gun Emoji On iPhones For The Right Reason

Mostly everyone using smart phones and texting on a regular basis is using Emojis today. Maybe with the exception of your grandparents!

But it’s a fun & easy way to communicate ┬ácertain things much quicker. There’s good ones and bad ones, of course. Some might say the ‘poop’ emoji is a bad one, but I think it’s one of the great ones honestly. At least when texting my 13 year old nephew.

The emoji keyboard wasn’t complete until Apple finally put a taco under it’s keyboard of popular food items, which is my most used emoji outside of the smiley faces. (I love tacos, what can I say?)

But with the all the recent gun violence our country has seen, many iPhone users began to tweet at Apple CEO Tim Cook asking him to remove the gun emoji from the keyboard. It didn’t take long for him to put the request in motion, and now on the next iOS update the ‘revolver’ hand gun will become just a squirt gun.

There’s also some new emojis coming to the keyboard. Most of which is for gender equality. Instead of the athletes being all male, they’ll be some new female ones as well. Including the surfer, firefighter & astronaut. Also in the list of flag emojis will be a rainbow flag added as well.

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