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Paramore’s Hayley Williams discusses her role in shaping the next generation of female rockers in a new interview with Rock Sound.

When asked about her influence over the past decade Williams deflects, but is also thoughtful.

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“It’s incredibly flattering obviously, but it’s also difficult to accept that kind of credit,” she says. “I remember reading an interview with Lynn [Gunn] from PVRIS where she was talking about going to a Paramore show as a kid, about how afterwards she knew that being in a band was what she wanted to do, and that seeing me made her feel like she actually could. That’s an incredible compliment, and an incredible feeling because it’s something I fully relate to.”

“I remember seeing bands like No Doubt and Garbage when I was growing up, ” she continued. “bands with strong, confident women at the forefront – and feeling like these were people I had more in common with than anybody I’d ever met in school. I looked at them and went, ‘I can do that, I have that in me.’ To be able to have that same sort of impact on somebody else is just incredible, especially because there was a time when we almost never saw bands with female vocalists, or even female members at all. It sounds preposterous, but in the grand scheme of things female rock musicians on any sort of wider scale is a very new thing. It’s only in the last few years that people have stopped viewing the notion of a female onstage in a rock band as some sort of novelty.”

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