[WATCH] Leaked Video Of The New iPhone 7 Shows It’s Missing One Major Thing

Every time a new iPhone comes out everyone freaks out for many reason. One, to get the newest most addictive piece of technology available. Two, people freak over features that have been changed that most are not favorable.

This new video shows a ‘mock up’ of what the new iPhone 7 Plus will look like and what features it will have. One thing noticed in the above video is what appears to be the ability of ‘wireless charging.’ Thought that’s not confirmed.

The one major thing that is missing on the new iPhone is……the headphone jack! All early reports indicate that Apple is in fact getting rid of the headphone jack all together, which leaves most people stumped as to how they’ll listen to their music in private.

There is an additional bottom speaker which will help with sound when music is played through it’s own speaker, but people like myself, it sounds like I’ll have to get all new ‘wireless’ headphones to enjoy music on my phone. Which infuriates me!

Really there’s no telling what the new iPhone has in store until it’s September release. Until then it’s all speculation.

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