It's Kesha and the 'Mystery of the Stolen Jacket.'

By Hayden Wright

Kesha is scheduled to perform at the House of Blues in Cleveland tonight, but she’s missing a key piece of her wardrobe for the engagement—a beloved jacket. Last night, the singer took to Instagram to ask her fans to help recover the garment, which she says was stolen from her dressing room. The effort launched a wave of amateur sleuths combing through the depths of Instagram for the jacket, its thief and the hope of a reunion. Oh, and she offered the successful detective a kiss on the mouth.

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“Hi guys last night my suit jacket was stolen from my dressing room,” she said in a dimly lit video. “It is black with a tiger on the back with rainbow on it.”

Then she sweetened the pot for would-be Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys among her ranks of followers.

“If you can get me my f—ing suit, I don’t know what I’ll do I’ll kiss you on the f—ing mouth,” she added.

However, there’s a clock on this offer—she needs it by this evening. And in Cleveland, natch.

“If someone can get it, I’ll do something great for you but please I need that f—ing suit by tomorrow night at 9 o’clock. Okay, I love you. Bye.”

Best of luck, Kesha! We hope you find your suit. In the meantime, try retracing your steps because perhaps you misplaced it.

And here’s what fans suspect the jacket in question looks like:

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