If Adele's not gonna do it, someone has to.

By Amanda Wicks

After Adele told a Los Angeles crowd that she turned down the spot to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show, and the NFL denied her claim, music fans have inevitably started chattering about who should play the massive event.

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Here are five artists who haven’t yet done Halftime duty, but who totally should.


Drake’s having his biggest year ever, so it makes sense to add a performance at the Halftime Show to boot. Not only does he appeal to hip-hop fans and beyond, but he knows how to provide (semi) family friendly entertainment. He may like to grind on Rihanna during his shows, but he can tone it down for all audiences. And with Drake on board, you know there will be all sorts of guest appearances, like the aforementioned Rihanna or maybe even fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

Bon Jovi

The Halftime Show does really well when it invites classic rockers and music legends to throw down, like Paul McCartney, Prince, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and more. Whether you consider Bon Jovi a “legend” or not, he’s a working man’s musician with a strong repertoire of anthemic songs likely to get any crowd moving. Between “Livin’ On a Prayer,” “Bad Medicine,” and “It’s My Life,” he’ll make a strong foundation to build an experience around.

Carrie Underwood

Underwood is a consummate performer, always willing to take the stage at awards shows and other televised events to provide fans with a memorable, flashy experience. Even though she’s got her foot firmly in country, she offers the kind of broad appeal that does well for the Halftime Show. Then there are her duets with Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley (to name a few). Throw those names in the mix and you’re sure to have a winner.


Like Drake, Rihanna is having a bang-out year and considering her R&B counterpart Beyoncé slayed at the last Halftime Show, we think it’s Rihanna’s turn to take the spotlight and give the pop stars a bit of a rest. Besides her out of this world costumes, strong attitude and catchy songs, Rihanna will bring a serious list of names to surprise the audience with.

Kanye West

He’s the name that started this entire rumor in the first place. Once West’s fans got wind of the fact that Adele allegedly turned down the slot, they began clamoring to have him perform. The chances seem unlikely, but considering West’s meticulous and extreme showmanship, he will certainly make for a–how do we say this–memorable appearance. We’re certain there’s one name you won’t see on stage with him, though. Her name rhymes with “Rift.”

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