By Amanda Wicks

Now that Lady Gaga has announced her upcoming single “Perfect Illusion,” which she worked on with Tame Impala and producer Mark Ronson, we started thinking about other star-studded collaborations we’d like to see on LG5.

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Here are the top five artists we think Mother Monster should include on her album.

Chance the Rapper

Little Chano from 79th has been showing up on the festival circuit all summer, whether he’s slated to perform or not. The kinds of collaborations he’s been involved in have ranged from what you might expect (Flosstradamus at Lollapalooza) to what you might not (Francis and the Lights and Eaux Claires). We could see him lending not just a slick rap but a vocal track as well to a Gaga track. It’d be sure fire gold.


Since he’s been dropping big singles like “No Limit” and “Crash” this year, Usher continues showing that he knows what it takes to stay popular in the music industry. There’s no risk of this smooth singing dancer fading away. So having Usher and Gaga collaborate on a vocal-intense R&B ballad would pair two extremely powerful voices for a memorable musical moment.

Selena Gomez

Popular opinion might want to go with someone like Taylor Swift, but we say give Ms. Gomez a chance. It would be nice to see her duet with a heavyweight like Gaga when she’s succeeded with fun, lighthearted fare like Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Give Gomez something she can really work with–and a message she can stand behind–and we see their collaboration turning more heads than one.


This just makes sense. Rihanna is having one of her biggest years ever between music and acting opportunities, and her deeper, growling vocals would serve as an interesting contrapuntal point for Gaga’s theatrical reach-for-the-rafters belting. Plus, these two singers love their costumes and putting on a show. Together they’d be unstoppable.


Could Drake lend a featured verse to one of Gaga’s more relaxed songs? Yes. Should he? Absolutely. Like Chance at festivals, Drake has been popping  up on several tracks that are not his own. There’s French Montana’s “No Shopping,” DJ Khaled’s “For Free,” and, of course, Rihanna’s “Work.” But it’d be nice to see him in an electronic-pop song like the kind Gaga does so well.

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