By Amanda Wicks

When Kanye West reserved seats for UFC 202 on Saturday (August 20) in Las Vegas, he took his sweet time arriving. So boxer Mike Tyson decided to sit in West’s seats, because no one was sure if the rapper was actually going to make the fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

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TMZ‘s cameras caught up with Skip Bayless, who was sitting behind West’s seats when he saw the whole exchange transpire. He was particularly amused regarding how chill Tyson was about the whole incident. “Mike could’ve made it awkward but he didn’t,” Bayless said. “And they were Kanye’s seats, they had his name on them. But I think maybe the security didn’t think Kanye was going to make it, maybe.”

Rather than create any kind of drama, though, Tyson backed down. “Kanye didn’t have to say a word, just stand there and be Kanye, and Mike said, ‘Hey, I’m out!'”

Bayless noted what a difference Tyson’s reaction was from his heyday in boxing. “That this Mike Tyson at this stage in his life would say ‘Kanye, I’m good,'” he said, trailing off. He added that security was very accommodating. “They tried to find another seat for Mike Tyson,” he added.

Watch the full interview below.

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