It marks the end of Grimmie's 'The Ballad of Jessica Blue' visual EP.

By Amanda Wicks

Before her untimely death in June, Christina Grimmie filmed a visual EP to accompany her posthumously released four-track EP, Side A. Her family has been releasing the four installments—altogether called The Ballad of Jessica Blue—throughout August and today (August 25) marks the final part, “Deception.”

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The Ballad of Jessica Blue follows the titular character as she journeys through her life, which includes the highs and lows of romance, self-discovery and more. “Deception” shows Grimmie as Blue becoming distracted over her troubled relationship. But she finds solace in her music.

As she confesses her worries to her mother, she receives a lovely piece of advice. “There are some things you can never lose once you find them,” her mother says. “Your voice is one of them.” On that note, she sits down at a baby grand piano and begins playing, singing about the woes that have plagued her regarding her boyfriend.

Grimmie tragically lost her life when a fan shot her during a meet-and-greet in Orlando, Florida, mere hours before the worst mass shooting in the United States occurred at Pulse Nightclub.

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