Yesterday DK pulled back the curtain a sensitive topic: She’s asked a male friend of hers to potentially be the father of her child. It took a lot of courage, in my opinion, to talk about it on air (listen to that conversation HERE). Not everyone agreed with her take, but this morning one caller took things to the next level. Kelley called and straight up said that DK was making a mistake. Went as far as to say that it’s not God’s plan for DK to have a child. Naturally, I took great exception to the notion that somehow SHE knows what God’s plan is for DK….listen to the audio here:


  1. Marcela says:

    I was about to throw up when Kelly mentioned “God plans for DK”. How this mom of 4 children has the nerve to tell DK that she THINKS that is not right because of her situation. I wish DK could read this ..” You have so much love inside you to prepare yourself to become a mother. If no family or friends are around to support you, you’ll find your own way to do things, and to raise your child. In the perfect word only the woman that is ready to change her life to welcome another life will be strong enough to nurture , to love and to keep going . You’ll be a good mommy, and your baby will have so much love. 🙂

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