Janet Jackson has only been seen out in public one time since announcing her pregnancy, but it’s not just doctor’s orders keeping her in hiding. Sources are saying that the 50-year-old mom-to-be has been staying at home with her husband Wissam Al Mana because she’s on bed rest. These sources claim she “has ballooned to 250 pounds,” and ordered to stay at home because she’s “at risk for serious complications.” “This pregnancy is doing a number on her,” added the insider.

Janet is also struggling over her appearance as she prepares for her first child and the source claimed “she didn’t want anyone to see that she was already getting huge” when she was photographed in July. So far they have not revealed the gender of her child but her brother Tito Jackson said in June that she’s merely “hoping for a healthy baby.”

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  1. Jenny says:

    Well, duh…of course she’s on bedrest for high risk pregnancy! She’s 50 freakin’ years old! These stupid Hollywood people think they’re invincible. Reality check…you’re not!

  2. Victoria Kidd-Cromis says:

    A pregnancy is at risk for anyone who is her age and pregnant. I am sure that she is doing whatever is necessary to ensure that her baby is healthy. At this point I doubt that she is that obsessed with her appearance. Leave her alone! I sincerely hope she has a healthy baby.

    PS Don’t obsess if she doesn’t drop her baby weight within a month or two after she gives birth. The older you are the more difficult it is to lose baby weight.

  3. Sondra says:

    Prayers for her and her family. I am sure to have a baby at 50 it must be something that she and her husband want badly. Asking for God’s grace, blessing and ease in this situation.

  4. karen says:

    Praying so for you and your baby. It will all be so worth the bed rest and weight gain, just take care of you

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