[LISTEN] Caller: Dave Is A Bad Parent For Taking Baby On Plane

It’s stressful as a new parent taking a new baby on a plane. You want your child to be comfortable and happy at all times, and when they aren’t old enough to tell you what’s wrong, it’s tough to deal with when they cry. It’s equally as stressful if your child is upset, knowing that it affects other people around you, and you can’t get up and leave the room like in a normal scenario.

Normally my 7 month old daughter is GREAT on flights – just sleeps most of the time and is very calm – but this past weekend she had a rough flight and was fussy the majority of the trip from LAX to IAH. We had Mike call in yesterday and tell me how inconsiderate I was being traveling with a child. Listen to the audio here:

After the show had wrapped up, we found out Mike wasn’t alone when we got the following messages on our Facebook page (which he has since deleted)

Mahoney offered Josh the opportunity to call in and share his perspective on air, and he opted out:

What do you think? Is there an age that’s too young to fly?

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