By Amanda Wicks

What’s life like for Major Lazer when they’re on the road? The new video for their single “Cold Water” aims to show exactly that. The live video follows the group around Europe, as they perform for sold-out crowds and get close with one another in between stops on their tour.

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The video is shot in black and white and largely takes place in slow motion to give it an added emotional effect. Major Lazer seem to take their lyrics for “Cold Water” very seriously. The video hammers home the friendship existent between the group and their backup dancers, who are seen palling around with Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire backstage, on planes and more.

But beyond those brief glimpses behind the scenes, the video concentrates on the big production Major Lazer puts on every time they perform. Sadly, though, Justin Bieber doesn’t make an appearance even though he’s featured on the song.

Live videos are a standard tool of the trade, but in creating an intimate portrait about their time on tour, Major Lazer have succeeded in standing out from the fray with this latest visual.

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