Do you have a Kwikset smart lock that can be activated on your phone? Well you may run in to obstacles if you update to Apple’s newest operating software. Lock maker Kwikset has announced that its Kevo smart lock’s touch-to-open technology will only work on Apple’s iOS 10 if the Kevo app is open and visible on an iPhone’s screen, due to a bug related to Bluetooth LE peripheral mode. Kwikset said it is working closely with Apple to support a solution that will restore the functionality as quickly as possible. The fix will likely be included in an upcoming software update to iOS 10. Until this gets fixed, Kwikset is offering some temporary solutions for continuing to use Kevo’s touch-to-open functionality:

  •  When at your door, open the Kevo app on your iOS phone or smart device, making sure you can see the app on your device screen and touch the Kevo smart lock on your door
  •  When at your door, open the Kevo app on your iOS phone or smart device, making sure you can see the app on your device screen, and use the app to lock and unlock the door (In Home Locking and Unlocking)
  • If you have a Kevo key fob, the Touch-to-Open functionality of Kevo will still work

Kwikset said the iOS 10 bug does not affect the security of Kevo smart locks, while the sending, receiving, and revoking of eKeys is also not affected. A recent post on  differed and had this to say in an article titled “To Kwikset Smart Key, or not too smart key”…

No, it is not too smart to choose this option. Go with Schlage if you want to secure your home. The Kwikset Smart Key is designed to enable users to re-key their own lock with ease, and it is also advertised as “pick proof/bump proof,” and it has been given a Grade 1 security rating which is the highest residential security grade. It is great for landlords or people who just bought a lock from the local hardware store and need their old keys to work for the new lock. The Smart Key lock options look much nicer than Kwiksets classic/old line of locks, and they can be re-keyed by the consumer in seconds, although I was just in Wildomar changing locks after working on a similar project in Murrieta where I was re-keying deadbolts and installing locks, because the re-key process can still be a little confusing.

Question: Why would you not use the smart key option when they are both available on the shelf. In the smart key version there are many more varieties available. You can get more colors, finishes and styles like levers, knobs, curvy, or square. The catch is that they are all expensive, and almost or even the same price as the Schlage brand. Which is better in every way. With the non-smart key regular Kwikset line of locks you are very limited in your options and they all look very cheap and flimsy in our opinion. So if you want anything nice you really have to step up your purchase price and get the more expensive SmartKey line.

For a regular homeowner, why is a smart key lame? Because it can be bypassed with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, yes it can be opened with a screwdriver. We do not wish to “tell how” in order to respect those who have these installed, but we would warn to have them replaced ASAP. Thank you for visiting where we are happily servicing the communities from Temecula to Moreno Valley and Corona.

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