[WATCH] Kristen Bell Calls Out The Gender Wage Gap In This Hilarious “Pinksourcing” Video

Whether you agree with the issue or not, this video featuring Kristen Bell is hilarious and clever. Pinksourcing is a new short film satirizing the wage gap between men and women in the United States. In it Kristen Bell has a modest proposal for businesses looking to cut costs. She portrays a standard-issue talking head in the corporate video spoof where she asks, “Why outsource all your production to faraway countries like India, China, and Narnia when we have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good ole U.S. of A.: women.” As she casually strolls past rows of women sitting at desks and cubicles, she cheerily lists off the supposed benefits of exploiting female employees such as: “Women are a bargain at the workplace since you only have to pay them 77 cents on the dollar,” she says.

The video was produced by the Huffington Post and it is the first installment of a new comedy series called Celebs Have Issues. Over the course of 10 weekly episodes, the series will take on such issues as equal pay, transgender rights, and mental health. Pinksourcing lands amid the increasing discussion about gender inequality in Hollywood and beyond. Other celebs who have spoken out about the issue include Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Lawrence, Ava DuVernay, Bradley Cooper, Ethan Hawke, and more.

You can watch Pinksourcing above.

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