Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Even if you’re not a fan of Corey Feldman‘s new music, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. Don’t people remember the golden rule??

Corey posted his ‘Today Show‘ live performance of his new song, “Go 4 It” on his Facebook page, but has since deleted it after internet trolls had some pretty mean things to say about it. According to US Weekly, “Feldman said after Googling his name, he found “every media” outlet wrote, “It’s so bizarre, and he’s so weird, and he’s so odd.”

Corey responded, “We just wanted to tell everybody that, like, it’s been really painful. It was a song, OK? It wasn’t that weird. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough for you, but you don’t have to beat us up. … Why is it OK to publicly shame us?

P!nk was just one of Corey’s friends to defend him tweeting:

Corey has since been invited back by Today show co-hosts Billy Bush and Tamron Hill saying, “Come back, Corey. Give us an encore!


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