by @TaraLipinsky

A post-natal hospital bill posted on Reddit is causing quite an outrage; after the user pointed out she was charged $39.95 to hold her baby after he was born.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, she was charged to make “skin-to-skin” contact with her newly born offspring for the low, low price of $39.95! Call now and we’ll throw in a receiving blanket and striped hat!

Seriously, the good news here is – it looks like this woman has insurance and most of the costs are covered.

The bad news? Well, where do I start? Take a gander above the highlighted charge: Delivery C –Section, Quantity 79? 79? What does that even mean? I’m no OB/GYN – but I’m pretty sure she didn’t give birth to 79 babies. Either way, that charge was over three grand.

Here’s the thing. When I gave birth, I too, was fortunate enough to have complete insurance coverage. I don’t even remember reviewing the bill. So what did the hospital charge my insurance company? Who knows? But it’s no wonder folks can’t afford health insurance! Hospitals can charge whatever they want.

Frankly, the above cost that outraged me the most was the lactation consultant fee. I would have paid extra for those breast-feeding bullies to leave me alone.

We can chuckle and get outraged over the charge, but let this be a lesson to us all. Check your medical bills.   And don’t forget to check the comments on this post. Our Canadian friends excoriate our healthcare system.

Tara Lipinsky  provides her voice over talents to CBS Local Sports Radio Round Up and several podcasts. She lives in New York for the time being with her daughters, The Foxettes, and her dog Bayou St. John.


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