Baytown cafeteria manager Tammy McRae went from 260 pounds to 100 pounds lighter in the course of one year.

McRae told The Baytown Sun (TBS) she realized she was not setting a good example for the students at her school by not making the best nutritional choices for herself and that is when she decided to turn her habits around.

“I am nutrition personnel, and I didn’t look very nutritious,” McRae told TBS. “I had to do something…I thought, ‘I am literally going to die from this.’ And along the way, I started to find myself.”

The Carver Elementary School cafeteria manager began eating the same meals the students were offered. For breakfast, A muffin and yogurt or cereal with animal crackers. At lunch, pizza or a hot dog, or any other options from the daily menu. For dinner, she had a cup of yogurt or fruit.

McRae says she stuck to the school menu and didn’t take any weight loss supplements. As she lost more and more weight she began donating clothes with no plans of every weighing 260 again.

“I didn’t keep anything. I gave everything to Goodwill because I will never allow myself to be a size 26 again…I was a real couch potato, but now I’m a new person. I have so much energy and I feel so much better. My weight loss journey also has helped me learn to set goals and meet them. It’s also made me a more focused manager.”

McRae is now a size 12/14.

This story speaks very well of the nutritional value in school lunches. McRae says at Carver Elementary, the cafeteria staff is very aware of the calorie count and nutritional value of everything offered to the kids. The pizza is even “whole wheat grain, tomato sauce, and cheese.”

“With us, we know they aren’t getting extra salt, we know who has handled the food,” she said, adding that her cafeteria earned a 99 on the recent health department score. One point was deducted for a paint chip on the wall.

This is an awesome story and pretty cool to know kids are getting the best options at lunch. Not all kids have the opportunity to get a good nutritional meal at home and my heart breaks for those kids. It’s great to know they have a place to go where they are being taken care of

Check out the rest of Tammy McRae’s story [HERE] 


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