Examine the evidence: 1+0+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 13!

By Robyn Collins

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the spotlight and, historically, she has thrived under pressure. Given this year’s drama regarding her personal life—from the split with DJ Calvin Harris, and the short-lived Hiddleswift fascination, to the prolonged Kanye controversy—she has undergone more than enough intense experience to make for a courageous and honest new album. And there are numerous indications that she might actually release a record before the end of the month, reports Time.

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Judging from current clues and past patterns, many Swift fans predict a drop date October 23 and they present some convincing evidence.

Swift has a couple of big gigs lined up. She is scheduled for a pre-Super Bowl show in February and a performance at the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on October 22 (one day before the predicted album drop date). These will be her first live performances since the end of her 1989 tour.

Also, October has been the choice month for four out of five Swift album releases. Typically, an album that comes out in the fall has a  better chance of major holiday sales than a release that hits earlier or later in the year.

And, Swift is pretty much due to release a new record. She has put out an album every two years since her eponymous debut: Taylor Swift came out in October 2006. Fearless dropped in November 2008, Speak Now was released in October 2010, Red hit in October 2012 and 1989 came out in October 2014.

Finally, anyone who knows anything about Tay Tay, understands that she’s a numbers girl and her favorite number is 13. She was born on December 13, her Twitter handle is @taylorswift13, her first album reached gold in 13 weeks, and she kicked off her Red tour on March 13, 2013. She even drew the number on her hand before hitting the stage.

One tried and true Swiftie used Taylor’s favorite number and an interesting mathematical equation to arrive at the October 23 release date. Looking at the day as 10/23/2016 the fan added the digits sequentially to arrive at Swift’s favorite number: 1+0+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 13.

It is worth nothing that Big Machine Label Group President and CEO Scott Borchetta has denied that anything new is coming from Taylor this month.


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