The Today Show knows exactly what they are doing having Corey Feldman on air, despite all their “everyone was mean to you” bleeding heart nonsense. They are parading Corey around because it’s viral content, and not because it’s good.

Probably doesn’t help Corey‘s case that he dropped an American flag on the ground during his performance that was “about the government, this is about the race, the United States . . . love and peace.”

Don’t get me wrong, after his first performance got lambasted online, I felt a little bad for Corey when I saw him blubbering and crying like a fool. Then I remembered that Corey has a habit of acting like a jerk to others. For example, after his initial performance on Today, his now EX-guitarist leaked a voicemail he left her after she quit the band. He actually dropped the “you’ll never work in this town again” line on her. Here’s that recording:

And, am I the only one who has a hard time with Corey comparing himself to the likes of Nirvana and Eminem? Cause he did that too:

I know Corey insisted in the clip above that he’s only getting a lot of hate because he’s just starting out, but here he is sucking it up on the Howard Stern show in 1992…24 years ago:

  1. Jim Johnston says:

    This guy just needs to stop. He has no talent for music, little for acting. Prince is dead, Stevie Ray, Amy, Etc….. and we cant get this guy on a Helicopter ?

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