Thanksgiving is just about 2 weeks away and it’s time to start planning your menu and figuring out the best way to execute.

Youtuber “Crazy Russian Hacker” posted a video featuring some pretty simple hacks to make Thanksgiving cooking a little easier.

Floral Ice Wine Bucket:

This is great for keeping your wine cool and festive looking!

floral ice dish [WATCH]Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks









Easy Pour Honey:

If you’ve ever tried pouring a spoonful of honey into a dish, you know it doesn’t come off the spoon very easy. This will help!

 easy pour honey [WATCH]Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks








Longer Lasting Ice:

Setting ice in a bucket or bowl for easy serving doesn’t always keep the ice around very long. Using this method will keep the ice around longer.

long lasting ice [WATCH]Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks








Easy Softened Butter:

Softening butter for cookies is essential, but if you forgot to set the butter out prior to baking, this method will help soften without ruining it in the microwave.

easy softened butter [WATCH]Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks








Fresh Home Scent:

After a day of cooking the kitchen will smell like delicious spices and different foods, but if that’s not the smell you’re wanting, this mixture will give your house a fresh holiday scent.

smell goods [WATCH]Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks








Check out how to achieve these hacks in the video above!


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