The day after Thanksgiving sales have always been outrageous and over the years, the official start of Christmas season kicks off the madness with stores opening ON Thanksgiving night.

Big block stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have seen thousands lined up around the building and dangerously flooding in the doorways to get $4 DVDs and $20 crock pots. If you’re lucky you might even walk out with a TV, but not before potentially fighting someone for it.

According to US News, SEVEN people have died and 98 have been injured while Black Friday shopping since 2006!! Those stampeding crowds are no joke!

Here’s more facts you didn’t know about Black Friday from US News:

1. It Attracts More People Than Disneyland.
“Walmart alone boasts that last year more than 22 million people visited on Thanksgiving Day.” 18.5 million people visit Disneyworld in Florida in a whole YEAR!!

2. More People Die While Shopping Than Shark Attacks. 

“According to statistics from National Geographic, there are an average of 16 shark attacks in the U.S. each year with ONE fatal attack ever two years.”

3. It’s Not Just On Friday Anymore. 

Big retailers will be open as early as 5pm this Thanksgiving and “Early Black Friday” sales have been happening for nearly 2 weeks now.

4. You Can Shop Online. 

“Adobe reports that Americans spent $1.33 billion online during Thanksgiving last year, along with $2.4 billion on Black Friday.”

5. They’re Not All Deals.

According to WalletHub, 14 percent of products will have the same or similar price in store as their normal price. 17 percent of items will actually be more expensive on Black Friday than on Amazon. You’ll really only be getting a deal on books, movies, and music on Black Friday so shop for those! Avoid furniture and jewelry as those get the least discount.

Check out the rest of the list [HERE] 



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