Miley's been a collector for years.

By Hayden Wright

The ugly Christmas sweater was a tradition before it became ironic: Those chunky, hideously decorated pullovers go way back. It’s tough to imagine a better celebrity ambassador for the ugly Christmas sweater than Miley Cyrus, who’s delighted fans for years with her large and eclectic collection. She’s debuted four of them in the last week, not including the sweaters she bought for her various animals.

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There’s the very 2016 “The tree isn’t the only thing getting *LIT* this year!” sweater, the political “Smoke weed every Christmas” sweater, and Miley even channels the Divinyls with the classic “When I Think About You I Touch My Elf.” Last year, Miley wore a “Free Gucci Mane” sweater, and in 2016 she got her wish. Gucci’s even back with his own Christmas-themed albumβ€”a real holiday miracle.

Check out the impressive (and growing) set of sweaters here:

It's startin to look a lot like you know what πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈ

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Free Gucci @mikewillmadeit

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