[WATCH] Harlem Globetrotters Shoots Basket From the TOP of NRG Stadium

Now this is how you ball!

As if the Harlem Globetrotters weren’t already known for their over-the-top on-court antics; they’ve taken their basketball skills by way of Spaceballs 1, straight to plaid.

World record holding baller and Globetrotter Thunder Law climbed to the gut-wrenching top of NRG Stadium (almost 300 ft) and made an astounding swisher shot!

Just watch as wide-eyed as I did, because, WOW.

What the physics?!

The Globetrotters chose to do this in the H because we are ground zero for their World Tour kick-off on Dec. 26. Get info here.

In case you were wondering, the World Record for this kind of shot came from a height of 593 ft made by Derek Herron of Switzerland (but it took him 3 tries.)

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