JJ Watt Visits Injured Fan; Brings Him A New 99 Jersey

Author: Lauren Kelly

8 year-old Noah Fulmer was involved in an awful New Year’s Eve car accident on Matagorda Beach on Saturday night. According to the story from ABC 13, the DPS said, “a driver plowed through the parking lot, hitting vehicles and Noah, along with two younger siblings and his stepfather. Noah’s parents say he actually pushed his siblings aside, absorbing much of the impact.”

Noah’s parents said the EMT’s had to cut the JJ Watt jersey he was wearing at the time, which is what Noah was most upset about. So his family did what any normal family would do, they told JJ about it!

And no surprise here, JJ personally stopped by the hospital today and brought Noah a new jersey. Talk about a happy new year! Hope he’s feeling better!

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