Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage Is In Houston This Weekend

Author: Lauren Kelly

Here’s a question for you…about HOW MANY  TIMES have you watched ‘Dirty Dancing‘ the movie? If you’re like me, then probably hundreds! You can probably recite every line, and have also probably practiced that infamous lift any time you get in a swimming pool. 😉

Good news for us DD fans, ‘Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage” is live in Houston this weekend for 5 shows at the brand new Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land.

I got to chat with two of the cast members in studio today, and they told us the show is super fun for everyone. From music, to your favorite lines, dancing, and that infamous lift, this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss! I actually got the attempt THE LIFT with Mija earlier…and head on over to our FACEBOOK PAGE to watch LOL.

Buy your tickets to the show >>> HERE!

Ashley and Mija of ‘Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage’

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