Today Is “Red Tuesday,” The Day You’re Most Likely To Get Dumped

Author: Lauren Kelly

If you’re single, then you’ve got nothing to fear! Apparently “Red Tuesday” is an actual thing, and according to a recent study you’re more likely to get dumped today than any other day of the year. Why you ask? Because we are exactly one week away from Valentine’s Day.

So it seems totally reasonable, right? SMH.

There is a “cheaters website” that did a survey and found that 30% of people have broken up with someone one week before Valentine’s Day.  However, this was only a study conducted with their members (who, keep in mind, ARE CHEATERS) so for people who DON’T CHEAT, that number might be less.

The study went on to say that 80% claimed the main reason they broke up with their bf/gf was so ‘they wouldn’t feel guilty faking their way through Valentine’s Day next week.

55% said they broke up with the person face-to-face, 28% did it over the phone, 12% did it over text, and 5% did it on social media.

Just another reason to be glad you’re single today. 😉

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