[WATCH] Model Hangs From Skyscraper For Perfect Pic


We’ve seen a ton of videos and pictures of people doing crazy stunts to become “Instagram Famous” a term which has quickly become a the ultimate dream job especially for millennials. But how far are you willing to go or “hang” to reach your goals? Russian model,  Viki Odintkova, seems like she’s willing to risk her life for  a million ‘likes” and “shares.”   During her trip to Dubai,  she and a group of friends climbed the 1,004-foot Cayan Tower — one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world  to get that perfect shot, which  just looking at it makes me a little nervous.  In the picture and videos you can see someone holding her and as she leans back without and  harness, net or safety equipment as she just dangles there from the edge of the building.

Although she did recieve the attention she was seeking, many asked why risk her life when you could of just used Photoshop, but I’m guess it’s the risk that people liked.

Even she admits the whole thing was incredibly dangerous.

“I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty.”

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