Let’s be honest, anyone that has ever gone to an amusement park has thought about the possibilities of having or seeing one the popular thrill rides fail. I know that upon getting on a roller coaster it always crosses my mind, but that’s because I have gotten stuck for a prolonged period of time at a coaster or dungeon drop before.

However, I have never even wanted to consider that possibility with bungee jumping or ride similar to it because the end result would be fatally graphic, pending a miracle. A video is spreading like wildfire on social media as we speak in which a woman is left dangling by her feet during the entire bungee ride facing not one BUT two near death experiences.

The first one: Nearly falling off the ride itself as she was dangling during the course of the entire experience.
The second one: Nearly smashing her head at the bottom panel of the ride as she swings back and forth.


Check out the video and try not to cringe too much, I can’t imagine what crossed this woman’s mind during this ride.

Have you seen anything like it before? Share your experiences with me in the links below.

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