[Video] United Customer Dragged Off Flight

Author: Lauren Kelly

Here’s the video that everyone is talking about

United was all over social media yesterday after passengers recorded and posted that video!

This is what happened:

A United flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky was overbooked on Sunday night. United said they NEEDED four people to give up their seats so four of THEIR employees could get to Louisville. Truth be told, I have been in this situation before in Chicago. They offer up vouchers, drink tickets, hotel stays and most of the time they get the volunteers they need, we board and every goes on their way.

In this case, they didn’t. So they have a policy of randomly selecting people and FORCE them to give up their seats that they PAID FOR!

By the way, before they dragged this man off, in my opinion, sounds like a bad policy. Just saying!  Doesn’t sound like this is going to end well at all.

Some of the people who were selected left the plane, but a 69-year-old man would. He said he was a doctor and that he had patients and couldn’t wait to fly out Monday afternoon like they suggested.

That is when United called airport security, three guards showed up and dragged the guy off the plane.

So what does United have to say?

This is from the CEO, quote, “This is an upsetting event . . . I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers . . . we are reaching out to this passenger to talk to him directly.”

Unpopular opinion I am sure but when you are asked to get off the plane. You have to get off the plane. Does it stink?! Absolutely. Is it a ridiculous policy especially when I paid for it? Absolutely! However, the way it was handled is ridiculous! You don’t drag a grown man off the plane!


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