Jimmy Kimmel Is Over Celebrity Promposals

Author: Lauren Kelly

Jimmy Kimmel is all done with celebrity promposals! From EW:

The internet blows up for celebrity promposals, but Jimmy Kimmel is not a fan. The late-night host pointed to that 17-year-old teenager from Phoenix who asked Emma Stone to his prom as an example of why this practice is “terrible” and needs “to be stopped.”

“Listen, kid, Emma Stone, whether she’s in London or not, doesn’t want to go to the prom with you — at all,” Kimmel said on Wednesday night. “Like, it’s probably the last thing she wants to do, and not because she’s in London working. She doesn’t want to go to a dance with you because she’s 28 and 28-year-old people don’t want to go on dates with 16-year-old children because it’s creepy.”

Would you let your kid reach out for their favorite movie star or artist?

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