Want To Rent A House Shaped Like A Boot?

Author: Lauren Kelly
There was an old woman who lived in a…cowboy boot? Is that how the old nursery rhyme goes? 
Now there’s an actual cowboy boot shaped house that you can rent! Check out the listing:
 This uniquely shaped house located in Huntsville, TX, is currently available for rent and it just might be the home of any cowboy or cowgirl’s dreams. Designed by artist/builder Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion, the shoe-shaped abode features a more conventionally-shaped annex too.
In total, the home measures 711 square feet with two bedrooms and one bath. And just like the floors throughout the home, the shower features an equally impressive mosaic design. The rental is currently available for $1,200 a month. See more pictures and find out the details at har.com.
Check out the pics of the inside of the house >>> HERE!
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