96-Second News: Remembering Prince 1yr After His Passing; Starbucks Baristas Are Sick Of Making Unicorn Frappuccinos

Author: Lauren Kelly

*Today is the one-year anniversary of PRINCE’s death.

And his royalties have made some serious money over the last 365 days. In the year since his death, Prince has sold 7.7 million albums and songs.  Most of that happened in the MONTH after his death. In all of 2016, Prince sold 2.23 million albums.  That’s more than ANY OTHER ARTIST, even ADELE.  She sold 2.21 million.

His best-selling albums were “The Very Best of Prince”, “Purple Rain”, and “1999”.


*Starbucks just rolled out its UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO this week, which is a pink-and-blue mango cream drink that I wouldn’t suggest drinking, but it is great for Instagram photos. And it turns out it’s making Starbucks baristas GO INSANE. It’s actually pretty complicated for the baristas to make, and apparently most stores didn’t get enough of the ingredients to fulfill the demand.

One barista wrote, “I was off at 7, we sold 400, and it just kept going.  I never thought I’d have a near breakdown while covered in pink dust.” On the bright side for them, the Unicorn Frappuccino is only being offered through Sunday.


*A new study just came out for those of you who are dating online, and how to get more dates by posting the right kinds of PHOTOS. The ideal photo if you’re a GUY is one where you’re looking straight at the camera, and smiling without showing your teeth.  But women should do the OPPOSITE- look away from the camera and show their teeth. Women are 27% more likely to get noticed if they wear their hair UP in the photo, and 69% more likely if they’re the only one in the photo.

A few things that work well for both men and women are black-and-white photos, pictures where you’re playing a sport, and candid shots where you don’t look like you’re posing. A few things that DON’T do well with men or women are pictures in sunglasses, pictures with crazy filters, photos at the beach, photos with someone who might be an ex and especially bathroom selfies where you take a shot of yourself looking in the mirror.


*Soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr. has passed away. He was found in a parked car in the L.A. area yesterday. He was 72. Cuba is the father of actor CUBA GOODING JR., but he was a big deal himself back in the ’70s.  He was the lead singer of the group The Main Ingredient, and they had hits with “Everybody Plays the Fool” and “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely”.


*For the last couple of months, EVERYONE has been focused on the Animal Adventure Park in New York waiting on April The Giraffe’s baby. April gave birth this past weekend and just as it seemed like she was about to lose the spotlight, a new video on YouTube shows how April is protecting her baby at all times, even protecting her from their vet.

She was so overprotective that she kicked her vet in the privates, and the funny video has since been posted to YouTube. It’s pretty funny and the vet is fine.


*Comedian Amy Schumer was going for a jog in Chicago yesterday when she desperately needed to find a restroom. Apparently, her best (maybe only) option was a mattress store. Amy asked an employee there who was cool with it, who didn’t even realize it was was Amy Schumer. On her way out, Amy asked the employee what mattress in the store was her favorite, and she pointed one out, and Amy just pulled out her credit card and bought it right there on the spot. It cost $2,000.

The woman was shocked, and she still wasn’t sure who Amy was.  She said “After she left, I Googled her name.  The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer.  It was amazing.


*If you’re headed to the movies this weekend, a few new flicks to check out are Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac in “The Promise”, Katherine Heigl going psycho in “Unforgettable”, and the sci-fi movie “Phoenix Forgotten”.


*FOX has picked up the “X-Files” revival for another 10 episodes. Production will begin this summer, and it’ll basically be a continuation of last year’s six-episode 10th season. This is the 11th season of the show, and both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are onboard again, but there aren’t any other details yet, not even a premiere date.


*UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is engaged to her boyfriend and fellow UFC champ, Travis Browne. The mixed martial artist, 30, was photographed sporting her new diamond in Los Angeles while out with Browne on Thursday.

The newly engaged couple told TMZ that the proposal happened last week during a far-flung vacation. “We were under a waterfall in New Zealand and it felt like the right place to do it.” The couple have been dating since 2015.


*Travel + Leisure has released their annual list of the most attractive cities in America and HOUSTON landed in the top 10 coming in at #9. ‘Most Attractive’ when it comes to cities is not about the city’s landmarks or skyscrapers, but rather referring to the people living in each city.

Here’s the full list:

1.    Honolulu, Hawaii

2.    Boulder, Colorado

3.    Scottsdale, Arizona

4.    Salt Lake City, Utah

5.    San Diego, California

6.    Nashville, Tennessee

7.    Charleston, South Carolina

8.    Denver, Colorado

9.    Houston, Texas

10. Madison, Wisconsin

11.    Alexandria, Virginia

12.    Las Vegas, Nevada

13.    Savannah, Georgia

14.   Norfolk, Virgina

15.    San Antonio, Texas

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