Mom Told Sarah Pepper She Ruined Her Kid’s Whole Day!

I was at Disney World this weekend doing the Dark Side Challenge which is a 10K on Saturday and half-marathon on Sunday. You get amazing medals and if you have NEVER done a run at Disney, it is a must! Super fun!

After every  race, I wear my medal in the park, cause I’m a kid at heart and I was honestly, after the week I had, very proud of myself that I could get out there and run 6.2 MILES!

This is the medal.

It’s a storm trooper and pretty awesome!

So we are at lunch and I took my medal off to eat and a kid came over and picked it up, put it on and walked away. I walked over to the mom and very nicely to the boy asked him for my medal back. He wouldn’t do it. I looked at his mom like, can you help me?  She told him to give it back and he did so but threw a massive fit! Started crying and screaming and the mom asked if she could buy the medal from me. I said no. She said she would give me 50 bucks and I said no thank you. Then she offered me a hundred and I said, I appreciate it, but no thank you!

She then told me it was just a medal and I “ruined” her kids day!

Would you have given up the medal?


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