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An off-duty firefighter is being called a hero after saving a girl who fell out of the back of a bus. AND HE SHOULD!

His name is Ryan Ciampoli, a licensed EMT and volunteer firefighter. As Ryan was driving down an Arkansas highway, he saw the back door of a school bus in front of him fly open. Clinging to the door was a 4-year-old. The girl lost her grip on the door and fell to the pavement as the bus kept going.

Ciampoli couldn’t believe what he was seeing, so he stopped his car, got out and carried the girl from the road.

According to WBRC TV:

She was unconscious at first but began to come around as Ciampoli approached. He moved her to a nearby parking lot.

“Then the shock kicked in in her little body, and she started kicking and screaming and ‘Where’s my mommy?’ and things like that. Stuff like that is really heartbreaking,” Ciampoli said.

Ciampoli checked her vital signs and kept her conscious as they waited for an ambulance. Within five minutes one arrived and rushed the girl to a local hospital. The girl’s mother told reporters she has a broken jaw and will require surgery but is expected to recover.

“It can happen anywhere, anytime. Never would you think driving down the road that something like that would happen,” Ciampoli said.

Ryan acting fast might have been the reason the girl is still alive. Should we give him a hero’s medal? Maybe a key to the city?


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