We all know someone who is ALWAYS LATE! For us, it’s Lauren Kelly.

rr16 21 This Is Why You Are Always Running Late

Lauren Kelly inside Radio Row/Photo Credit: CBS Radio Houston

In fact, she has her own time. It’s called Lauren Kelly time. We aren’t original when it comes to names. Anyway, Science now says it has a reason for your friend’s tardiness.

ONE: you’re multitasking too much! This comes from a study in 2003 where researchers observed subway working in New York. They saw that the travelers who were multitasking were more likely to be late to work.

A solution for this is to set reminders on your phone to keep you on track.

Reason number 2 is that your internal clock doesn’t work! There are a lot of people who can keep track of things in their mind and time in their heads and there are some people who just CAN’T! People with Type A personalities are better than those with Type B personalities.

You can improve on this by trying to guess what time it is a few times a day to work on your internal clock.



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