Could You Give Up Your Best Friend For 1 MILLION Dollars?


What’s more important to you money or well according to this survey, money?

There is a new survey that is asking people how much money it would take for them to do certain things from giving up their pets. To giving up their best friends. TO EATING TOE NAILS!


How much would it take to never own a pet for the rest of your life? 

This isn’t just giving up pets in the future. It is giving up the pet you CURRENTLY HAVE!

The winner here was NEVER at 51% and the second was 1 MILLION dollars at 28% and the haters said it would only cost $100.



How much would it cost to give up your best friend? 

63% said they’d never do it.

24% would do it for $1 million.

6% would do it for $100,000.



 How much to eat a stranger’s toenail clippings? 

I am with the 44% that would NEVER do it!

18% said $1 million.

13% said $5,000.

2% said a hundred bucks.




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