Do You Think Public Marriage Proposals Are Tacky?

Author: Lauren Kelly

We talked about a story this morning about a couple who almost got engaged at Fenway Park in Boston last weekend, but the couple was on the jumbo-torn for the proposal and she allegedly said NO. Check that out >>> HERE.

That brings us to the question here…whether you’re married or not…do you think public proposals are tacky or sweet? We’re split a few different ways in the studio.

Sarah Pepper says she would LOVE to be publicly proposed to, on the jump-tron, in NRG Stadium, with JJ Watt somehow involved in making it happen. (LOL).

Geoff Sheen would never want a public proposal because he asks, “Why would you wanna share that private moment with 15,000 strangers??”

And Lauren Kelly really doesn’t care. She’s not getting engaged anytime soon.


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