Sarah Pepper

A woman  is being “Mom Shamed” by other moms for posting a photo of her and her kids in the tub.


Click here to see the photos and article.

So it got us talking about whether or not you post your kids in the tub on social media or not. I’m not trying to change your thought. Obviously you do what is best for you child I just wanna tell you what I have seen and why I think it’s not the best idea. Although I realize it is the way you keep in contact with family and friends and your settings are on Private. We took a lot of calls from parents that were completely divided.

This is what I have learned. I have posted pics thinking they were private. Then someone saves that photos. Posts it as their own. Then that photo gets out of my hands and is in God only knows whose hands. I also read a story on people stealing photos of your kids and saying they are their kids. Our boss Sarah gave me the best advice that she got from her father, don’t put yourself in a position that could be trouble. I think that this could be trouble.  Trust me, before I thought it was completely innocent but  the access that creepers has and as protective as I can be it makes it very hard.

That’s just my thought. Right? Wrong? I don’t know. Just what I have concluded after reading every horror story. I am gonna be old school and just have pictures in an album in my house 🙂


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