Sorry Ellen, but you no longer have the most retweeted tweet ever.  You were surpassed by a teen’s drive for nuggets.

On Tuesday, Carter Wilkerson beat Ellen DeGeneres’ 3,430,240 retweets for her Oscars star-studded selfie in the pursuit of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets.  On April 5th, the 16-year-old asked Wendy’s always on point twitter what it would take to get free nuggets for a year.  The fast food chain replied with a ridiculous number, 18 million, a mere five percent of the social media platform’s active users.

Carter took the challenge and shared the image on twitter asking for help.

That tweet was good enough in just over a month to become the most retweeted tweet ever!  Sorry Ellen, and Jennifer Laurence, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacy, Julia Roberts and others.

Wendy’s decided being the most retweeted post ever was good enough, but 14.4 million short of the goal, to give Carter his free nuggets for the year.

Wendy’s also donated $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation.



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