[VIDEO] Snoop Dogg’s Sign Language Interpreter Steals Show

Author: Lauren Kelly

Sign language is pretty challenging at a normal pace…but can you imagine trying to sign the lyrics to any of Snoop Dogg‘s rap songs at one of his concerts?

Holly Maniatty, a certified sign language interpreter completely upstaged Snoop with her enthusiastic interpretation during his concert at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans. There’s a video of the AWESOMENESS all over social media, and it was just too good not to share!

The video is shot from the right side of the stage where Holly is dominating signing the words as Snoop performs “P.I.M.P.”— a song originally by 50 Cent.

The video now has over 13 million views, but this is definitely not Maniatty’s first rodeo. She has worked numerous festivals and concerts with well-known rappers including Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan and Killer Mike and Public Enemy.

You guys have to watch this below, I’d pay just to see her do her thang! 😜 [WARNING: SOME NSFW LANGUAGE BELOW]

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