Pregnant Women Are Heading To This Pizza Joint for Its Labor-Inducing Slices

Author: Lauren Kelly

All week long, we’ve been taking different ideas and suggestions to help Lauren Kelly’s sister kickstart her labor.

Why all the trouble?

Because Melanie is due literally ON Saturday…the day of JJ Watt’s Charity Classic softball game. Somehow we’ve managed to get invited to meet JJ again, and since the meeting didn’t go as planned last year- Lauren needs a redo.

So how to we make sure that Lauren can be at JJ’s event? The baby has to come of course! We need your suggestions on labor-inducing tricks of the trade.

A listener sent us this great link about a pizza place in North Carolina, that apparently has THE pizza known for jump-starting labor. Check this out:

According to People, “Ali Aldrich was 38-and-a-half weeks pregnant with her first child when she says she was doing anything possible to bring on labor. “I was very pregnant. I was pretty big and swelling a lot, so I was really ready to go.” The now mother of two tried a foot massage and nothing happened. But then her husband suggested the Buffalo Wing Pizza – a pie with a kick to it – from Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte. “I had always heard spicy foods could do it, so we ordered the pizza at 6 p.m. and by 10 that night, I was in labor,” she says. Aldrich thought it was a funny coincidence until a few weeks later when her neighbor, also very pregnant, tried the same Buffalo Wing Pizza.“I didn’t think anything was going to happen,” Henley Schmiedel, a pediatric nurse, says of eating the pizza while pregnant with her daughter, Madelin. But four hours later, she was in labor. “I think it’s fun,” says Schmiedel, 36, “There are a lot of wives’ tales that have to do with pregnancy and this is a fun one. Go eat a good pizza and see if you can get your baby out!”

Maybe we should have this place send us a few slices of the buffalo wing pizza!

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