Is Pippa Middleton Really Asking This of Her Wedding Guests?

Another rumor about Pippa Middleton’s top-secret wedding: she has requested that guests come to her wedding with a change of clothes for the reception.

The concept has some scratching their heads and others eager to make this a trend. From Yahoo!:

We’re increasingly familiar with the idea of the bride changing her gown for a less cumbersome reception dress, but this request strikes some as unusual. Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews on May 20 will take place at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, so it’s likely that conservative dress will be appropriate.

According to reports, Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael, will host the reception at their $7.3 million estate, Bucklebury Manor. That leaves open the question of why these guests will be changing clothes. For a fancy evening dinner? A themed costume ball? A casual pool party? A chill garden party with lawn games? Our imaginations are running wild with possibilities.

“She’s definitely not having a pool party,” New York-based event planner Jove Meyer, who still isn’t quite convinced that this rumor is true, shares with Yahoo Style. “If it is the case and she is doing it, I think it’s a logistical nightmare for everybody involved.”

Like dressing for a wedding isn’t enough of an ordeal, now you have to figure out where to store their change of clothes, how to transport them, and where to change. Then again, you get to go to a pretty sweet wedding.


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