Honest Question Are There Coyotes Inside The Loop?!

This is a serious question! I was driving into work this morning and I live off the Bayou and as I was driving in there were two animals walking in the road. At first I thought they were dogs but as I got closer to them they didn’t move. They walked over to the trees of the Bayou and starred back me and I realized they were super fit, bigger than I thought and I could see their teeth!

I have seen  coyotes before being from Indiana and I am positive these were coyotes! Lauren Kelly is Houston born and raised and so I asked her, “Do you think there are coyotes in the loop”? She said, “No”.  I tried to get a photo but by the time I got my phone out, they were gone. Now, I realize this sounds like and “I saw bigfoot and just didn’t get any photos” but I promise you it was a coyote. At this point I made a bad decision and pulled over and was gonna get out and see if I could snag a photo of them.  I realize now that is NOT a bright idea because let’s face it, coyotes are probably not friendly Disney animals.

So, there is NO photo but just the honest question.


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