Drunk Dad Got Arrested At Disney World On Mother’s Day

It seemed like a good idea on paper. A 35 year old dad named Brian Olmstead decided to take his family to Disney World. He then took his son to the park while his wife got the day off on Mother’s Day. Once he was back in the resort, he got drunk at the poolside bar. His son was left sitting in his stroller in the sun. The hotel got 11 complaints about his drunkenness, endangering his child, and he was pushing the stroller through the lobby and ramming people with it.

When Olmstead started shouting racial slurs, the manager escorted him back to his room. However, he then went to the food court and started threatening people.

Police finally arrived, realizing his son was badly sunburned. The boy was also sitting in a dirty diaper for several hours.

Olmstead was then arrested. He threatened the cop on his way to jail and told the police he would get Donald Trump to kill them.

He’s facing child neglect charges.

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