Here’s Everything You Need To Know About What Happened At The Ariana Grande Show

Last night around 10:30 P.M. as people were leaving an Ariana Grande show in Manchester a bomb went off and 22 people have been killed and 50 were injured.

Police are investigating it as an act of terrorism and, at this point, it appears to be the work of a suicide bomber.  No one has claimed responsibility.

Theresa May who is the British Prime Minister Theresa May called it, quote,  “an appalling terrorist attack.”

According to an 18-year-old told CNN, quote,  “Ariana was off the stage, she’d finished her set.  I looked around because I heard this big bang, people screaming and crying and flooded towards the stage.”

Here is what Ariana Tweeted:


The identities of the victims have not released yet.


In all of this there is some light and positives and that is the reports of the residents opening their homes to people who need anything from a place to stay to a cup of tea. They have also been helping reunite parents with their kids.



Also the taxis are offering free rides for those who need them.



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