[Video] Boy Has Fingernails Stuck In His Gums

Don’t EVER let your kids bite their nails! I was a nail biter! Still am a nail biter and I NEVER knew this possible! It took me a minute to really grasp what was going on, but this is gross! But gross is what kids do sometimes. Lauren Kelly and I were at lunch yesterday and the kid next to us was picking his boogers and wiping them on his Zebra Cake and then he at the Zebra cake!

This is the caption from the Mom on YouTube

Kale has always kept us on our toes. Looking in Kale’s mouth I see something white in his gums. I get a tweezer and pull it. It looked like a finger nail. I continued to pull 4 more out. I then search his mouth and find another area. I pulled around 27 out of the second spot. YES 27! The dentist has never seen anything like this. We figured out that Kale bites his nails and plays with them in his mouth. He pushes them up towards his pallet. The nail penetrates the skin and goes into a pocket between the baby teeth and permanent teeth. Don’t let your children bite their nails! If you can handle the disgust check out the video


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