Someone Should Have Put Baby In A Corner

First off, I don’t blame the cast.  They did the best they could with what they have but when I heard remake, I thought, it won’t be as good as the original but I’m gonna give it a try. “Dirty Dancing” was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I LOVED IT!

The more I watched it, the more annoyed I got because they changed key LINES! Now, I don’t know if they  weren’t legally allowed to use all of the original lines, but  these were big things. THEN, they changed the WHOLE story line of the parents. I loved the fact that they were so in love, I didn’t like  the coming back here to rekindle everything. They added lines where they didn’t need to be, changed lines that were iconic and it was just hard. Hard, because I remember being so in love with this and then I think about everyone who was watching it for the first time thinking this is what “Dirty Dancing” is and it’s JUST NOT!

I haven’t yelled at a TV like that since Matt Schaub was the quarterback. I know what your’e thinking, “Why did you watch the whole thing then Sarah?” Well, because I thought at some point it was going to get better. That NEVER happened.

Don’t call it a remake, call it a rewrite. Also, don’t touch the classics. It never works out!

I agree with this tweet:


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