Seven Facts You Didn’t Know About Memorial Day

A lot of people consider Memorial Day weekend the kick off to summer. Here some of things you may know about Memorial Day. If you don’t, you now do!

  1. 25 cities around the country claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, but the first state to actually recognize it as a holiday was New York in 1873.
  2. 75% of Americans go a cook-out this weekend. It’s the second most popular holiday for grilling. 4th of July is #1.
  3. Between now and Labor Day, Americans will eat about seven BILLION hot dogs. That means 818 hot dogs will be consumed per SECOND!
  4. 39.3 million Americans travel this weekend, up 3% from last year. Orlando is the most popular place to go.
  5. 41% of Americans buy something this weekend at a Memorial Day sale.
  6. There is a 25% bump in cooking related fires on Memorial Day.
  7. 50,000 people will be injured in car accidents. 44% of traffic fatalities involve alcohol.
  8. 42 million veterans have served in war time. And please remember that because that’s what Memorial Day is about.

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