Lauren Kelly’s Weekend In Five Photos

Author: Lauren Kelly

Woke up Saturday to an email making it to GOLD STATUS on my Starbucks app. Score! #littlethings 👇🏼

Spent time with both of my nephews, baby Mason and Charlie. 👇🏼

Went to my cousins’ party in a pink dress, only to have to SWITCH MY MY SISTER because she didn’t realize her navy dress was too short for a pregnant girl. The things we do for siblings…LOL 👇🏼

Saw the Baywatch movie on Sunday night and got retweeted by the movie and LIKED by Zac Efron! (the movie was hilarious btw) 👇🏼

Spent the majority of Monday doing laundry, doing dishes….and playing with my dog Bella on Snapchat. 📸👻👇🏼


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