Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

What is the most random thing you found in your house after you bought it? I have lived in my home for about a year and a half and this has been in my backyard since I moved in. I thought the sellers would take it when they left but NO. I have had a few friends who are like, “Man I want that” but when it comes time to actually take it home. They never do. So this fountain just sits, to heavy for me to move and no outlet anywhere to plug in. You want it?

fountaing Sarah Peppers Weekend In Five Photos

Pride is right around the corner and a trip to Target isn’t complete unless I buy at least five or 15 items that aren’t on my list. The tutu isn’t for me it’s for Lauren Kelly but I am officially Pride ready now!

pride stuff Sarah Peppers Weekend In Five Photos

Bailey got a brand new bed and she has a skin rash because we both have terrible allergies so while I was adulting this weekend, she slept. The whole weekend!

bailey new bed Sarah Peppers Weekend In Five Photos

My sister puts on an amazing Golf Scramble in our hometown in Indiana and every year I say I’m going to be a better golfer and the only thing that gets better every single year are my shorts. This year my golf shorts game is on POINT! These bad boys were on my list and actually the only thing I went to Target for. I mean, can you beat Chili Pepper Golf shorts? I don’t think so!


pepper paints Sarah Peppers Weekend In Five Photos



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